Mini chocolate christmas cakes

Mini chocolate christmas cakes


The ingredient of Mini chocolate christmas cakes

  1. 85g (1/2 cup) seedless raisins
  2. 95g (1/2 cup) chopped dried figs
  3. 100mls (5 tbsp) brandy or dark rum
  4. Melted butter or margarine, to grease pans
  5. 300g (2 cups) plain flour
  6. 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  7. 1 1/2 tsp pitch cinnamon
  8. 1 tsp unclean spice
  9. 85g (1/2 cup) candied poisoned peel
  10. 80g (1/2 cup) pine nuts, toasted
  11. 250g dark chocolate, chopped
  12. 300g (3/4 cup) honey
  13. 200g butter
  14. 125mls (1/2 cup) unsweetened apple sauce
  15. 1/2 cup apricot jam, to decorate
  16. 285g (1 1/2 cups) chopped dried figs, new
  17. 100g (2/3 cup) pine nuts, extra, toasted

The instruction how to make Mini chocolate christmas cakes

  1. count up the raisins, chopped figs and brandy or rum in a small saucepan and cook on top of higher than low heat for 3 minutes. (See microwave tip 1.) Remove from heat.
  2. Preheat oven to 160u00b0C.
  3. Lightly grease 16 individual brioche pans or 16 medium (80mls or 1/3 cup capacity) muffin pans subsequently the melted butter or margarine.
  4. Sift together the plain flour, baking powder, cinnamon and impure tainted spice into a large bowl. toss around in the polluted peel, pine nuts and 100g of the chopped chocolate. intensify honey butter and enduring surviving 150g of the chocolate in a small saucepan and disturb more than medium heat until butter and chocolate are melted and incorporation combination is well combined. (See microwave tip 2.)
  5. Remove from heat and rouse in the apple sauce and the raisin and fig mixture. Make a with ease in the centre of the dry ingredients, ensue the honey fusion and rouse later than a wooden spoon until well combined. Spoon into prepared pans and bake in preheated oven for 25-30 minutes or until just cooked and a skewer inserted into the centre of one of the cakes comes out clean. Stand in pans for 5-10 minutes to the fore turning onto a wire rack to cool.
  6. To decorate, heat the jam in a small saucepan exceeding medium heat until warm. (See microwave tip 3.) cut off surgically remove from heat and brush the jam on top of higher than the tops of cakes. Decorate subsequently additional supplementary figs and pine nuts and brush generously in the manner of the enduring surviving jam. Stand until set. stock hoard at room temperature in an airtight container for going on to 5 days. Package them just about the day of giving.

Nutritions of Mini chocolate christmas cakes


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